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About the Book

B2B customers expect more than service– they expect you to help them be successful.

That’s why so many companies are finally understanding why Customer Success and the Customer Experience need to be at the forefront of the company culture. Make your customers successful first, then you (and your company) in turn will be successful.

How do you do that exactly?

With the tools and information in this How-To guide. A self-help book for the B2B professional, if you will.

But we know you don’t have time in your busy schedule for a War and Peace sized novel, so we’ve intentionally kept the tone light and have even inserted a few illustrations to keep you entertained while (hopefully) learning a few things.

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This Book Will Teach You...

How to identify strategic objectives for improving Customer Success


  • Understand the Success Equation
  • Obtain trustworthy and actionable data
  • Design a questionnaire the right way
  • Create actionable reports that depict results that matter


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Who Should Read Failure Sucks!?

Anyone who works in a B2B company, but specifically…

  • Customer Experience professionals
  • Support staffWaypoint Dogs
  • Executives
  • Customer loyalty consultants
  • Call-center employees








Why'd We Write this Book?

This book was compiled from over 20 years of material, working with B2B clients to build and hone Customer Success programs, long before they were even called that.

We’ve noticed there isn’t really a B2B-specific book out there on How-To get to Customer Success.

So we assembled those best practices and case examples to give you practical and (most importantly) useful takeaways that can be applied to any B2B company.

About Waypoint Group

Waypoint Group has pioneered the B2B customer success industry through tested and strategic methodologies that build loyalty and add value for companies large and small. Waypoint Group focuses on actionable insights that fuel stronger relationships by activating brand advocates and converting at-risk accounts to accelerate profitable growth.

By linking customer feedback to financials, Waypoint’s clients can quickly prioritize and quantify churn risk and upsell opportunities to make intelligent, evidence-based decisions with measurable ROI.

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What Readers Are Saying...

  • "The book is a fast and solid read with lots of examples. It follows a clear model that starts from what the customer values and ends with a solid credible ROI. I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in managing and measuring the success of any B2B relationship."
    -- Betsy Guthrie, Business Operations Program Manager
  • "A strategy guide for measuring, meeting and exceeding customer expectations...Readers will find plenty of valuable lessons among the examples, case studies and charts, which cover a wide range of ideas."
    -- Kirkus (Independent Reviewer)
  • "Failure Sucks! provides an essential guide for companies and organizations open to new -- yet proven -- customer engagement techniques that truly accelerate profitable growth and contribute to the bottom line.  I recommend that all of my clients read it and take action.  This book shows the "why" and "how" of customer success and provides a straight-forward path to get there."  
    -- Beth Pampaloni, Customer Lifecycle Programs Consultant
  • "Failure Sucks is clear and concise and fun to read! Very informative guide to customer success and what it takes to be a successful business-to-business (B2B) company. The illustrations are great and the charts easy to follow. Highly Recommended!"
    -- Zoe Carter, (Amazon.com Review)
  • “The templates and tools in this book gave us a great start on our Customer Success program.”  
    -- Roger Erickson, VP Customer Success, DocuSign, Inc.
  • "Fantastic Resource! This B2B guide breaks up dense and complicated subject matter into short chapters, checklists, charts, and do-it-yourself exercises. Failure Sucks is not only incredibly informative...but really entertaining too! Anyone working in the B2B field would highly benefit..."
    -- Meghan Blaya, (Amazon.com Review)